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Updated: 23rd May 2018 - Bird Portfolio - Extremadura May 2018

+ Bird Portfolio - Extremadura

Updated: February 2017 - Bird Portfolio - Sarasota February 2017

+ Bird Portfolio - Sarasota

Updated: September 2016 - Bird Portfolio - Arizona - Aug/Sept 2016

+ Bird Portfolio - Arizona

My passion for Bird Watching has grown and grown for probably more than 30 years now.

I wanted to get a record of the birds seen as I travelled the world, and my photography has now progressed into endevouring to take better pictures of Birds.

It all started many years ago while walking down the south coast of the UK . I saw a bird probing about in the mud which was a beautiful Godwit. It was a deep rufous colour, which was it's summer plumage. I then saw the Godwit through a telescope, which blew me away.

It was then I realised that I have been missing out on the pure beauty of birds. Soon afterwards I invested in good optics, which progressively became more expensive as I searched for better and better views and identification. Photography followed, but initially it was to help me identify birds, as I travelled to different places in the world.

I would return home and spend hours and hours trying to work out what bird I took a photograph of. Was that bird what I had identified it as, in the field ?

As camera technology got better and cheaper, I soon became more interested in capturing better photographs, which then progressed into spending more money and purchasing expensive lens !

It has been a fantastic hobby and I am hopefully still improving !

So I hope you like my Website and the photographs that I have uploaded. Most of my images are uploaded on my FlickR site www.FlickR.com/Imperialeagle

There are over 1650 photos on FlickR, but this Website will have more select photographs.
I will be updating and adding to the albums as often as I can.